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LogistPro — logistics is easy!

The portal LogistPro — a comprehensive solution for the automation of the supply, service of electronic interaction with counterparties, tender platform.
Service LogistPro allows client companies to organize an electronic interaction with transport enterprises and distribution of the work on the tender basis.
With this approach to the distribution of goods, the economic efficiency of our clients is on average 12-18% of the monthly expenditures on contracted transportation.

Our official website:
Demo version (available on from the official website):
Documentation and examples of using LogistPro API:

Examples of operation

Transport logistics

Economic indicators of exploitation of the logistics processes automatisation service. Case of one of our major customers.

Summary for a period from May 7 2019 to October 3 2022 (1,246 days) — found 28,654 requests, 28,078 were processed by transporters, 28,078 received an offer.

Completed requests (27,671)

  • Planned costs: 829,292,564 ₽ (including VAT: 138,215,430.13 ₽)
  • Actual costs: 709,634,944 ₽ (including VAT: 118,272,491.53 ₽)
  • Savings: 99,714,681.4 ₽ (excluding VAT)
  • Savings, %: 14.43%


  • Planned costs: 279,258,020 
  • Actual costs: 236,282,200 ₽
  • Savings: 35,813,183 ₽
  • Savings, %: 15

Purchase of goods and services

Economic indicators of exploitation of the logistics processes automatisation service. Case of one of our major customers.
The service of automatisation of purchases provides the largest saving performance in the first months of the exploitation.
Next, the platform serves first and foremost as the tool for the automatisation and the control over the supply department specialists’ performance.

Summary for a period from January 20 2021 to May 15 2021 (53 days) — founded 26 procurements, 16 received an offer.

Completed procurements (13)

  • Planned costs: 104,082,480 ₽
  • Actual costs: 96,394,980 ₽
  • Savings: 7,687,500 ₽
  • Savings, %: 7.4%


  • Planned costs: 67,436,550 ₽
  • Actual costs: 61,555,000 ₽
  • Savings: 5,881,550 ₽
  • Savings, %: 8.7%


  • The portal LogistPro is a versatile tool and can be adjusted for the client’s needs.
    Service can be exploited both in manual mode with access to applications and custom settings for every each transportation, and in auto mode with configurative integration with internal accounting systems.
    It is possible to maintain individual conditions for each application — the duration, the initial price and minimum rates, a route with arbitrary amount of waypoints, requirements to transport and any other requests.
    Integration of the portal with the enterprise internal management system on the basis of 1C, SAP and any others is available.

  • The service allows to efficiently organize both inbound and outbound logistics for manufacturing and trade enterprises.
    It gives the opportunity to organize delivery of goods for customers throughout Russia — for both end consumers and distributors.

  • Service LogistPro is an online platform and allows the organization of the interaction of the head office enterprises with any number of branches.
    The service can be used not only as a tool of the cooperative work of a group of companies’ branches, but also as an instrument of control and management accounting of departments and distributors.

  • The fundamental difference from other management systems, for example 1C, is that firstly our service constitutes an automated instrument of electronic integration with external organizations (dealers and contractors).
    1C and SAP are primarily reporting and internal automation tools.

  • In case if the company has its own transport at enterprise within the company it is possible to integrate it on the basis of LogistPro.
    The integration applies to associated services, such as GPS/GLONASS monitoring, fuel control, weighing equipment at the site and others


  • The company LogistPro devotes special attention to the security of our clients.
  • We do not use any cloud computing resources.
  • We use only our own hardware which is located in reliable data-centers — Moscow and Saint-Petersburg.
  • Team of LogistPro initially was formed by qualified specialists in the field of information security, with specialized education and vast experience in the sphere.

Operational conditions

  • Transport companies interact with clients-freight owners free of charge. No hidden payments or costs.

  • The base price of exploitation for freight owners is 250 rubles for the transportation distributed in the service, it is not taxed by value-added tax.
    Payment is made monthly for the actual amount of distributed ships in the previous month.

  • The base price of exploitment for the companies purchasing goods and services is 0.0025 of the actual purchase amount agreed in the service, but less than 50,000 in a month, not taxed by VAT.
    Payment is made monthly for the actual amount of procurement procedures carried out in the previous month.

  • It is possible to develop a set of integrations of the customer’s accounting system on the basis of 1C (Russian accounting), SAP and other international systems in order to create an automatic generation of documents in the Personal Account of the LogistPro portal.
    The code of the typical configuration 1C for integration with the customer’s configuration on their own is given free of charge by the company.

  • The service can be provided in pay free test operation for up to 1 month.
    All settings for the start of work are performed by our specialists. Start of operation is conducted within 1-2 working days.
    With a positive decision about the production exploitation of the service contractual work and integration can be performed in the background, without stopping operation.

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